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About me

My name is Clémence Cleave - or just Clem.

I am a registered nutritionist (RNutr) with a MSc in Clinical Nutrition (with Distinction and prize for Top Student in Clinical Nutrition). I am also a trained-chef (Alain Ducasse) with Michelin Star experience - although I do prefer family cooking!

I am French and I have been living in London for fifteen years with my British husband and our three children.


I help individuals and families to address their nutritional needs, whether it is to lose weight, restore a healthy relationship with food, enhance their sport performance or to eat more broadly or ethically. 

My ethos is that we can and should all eat well –  eating good and tasty food to fuel our minds and bodies. But this needs to be adapted to our lives. Many of my clients have crazy schedules and I work with them to lock in nutrition.

I believe in science-based nutrition – many popular and famous theories about nutrition are seductive yet simply fallacious. Everything I do is based on robust scientific evidence. All my advice is backed up by solid research, which I'll be delighted to share with you if you're interested.

Each individual has different tastes, a different story, a different body and a different lifestyle. While the principles of nutrition are the same for everyone – eat, in the right amount for you, a varied and balanced diet, mainly plant-based – I believe the ways to implement such a healthy diet are multiple. Taking your individuality into account, I can make food work for you, not against you.


*Clem is a Registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition. With dietitians, registered nutritionists (ANutr and RNutr) are the only qualified professionals recognised by Public Health England and NHS Choices on nutrition and diet matters.

AfN membership number: 10385

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Nutrition Society membership no. 56928

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RSM membership no. 00725073