"On top of her first class knowledge, Clem has a warm and encouraging personality, which I think is exactly what you need when you are trying to stick to a diet.  I am absolutely delighted with her services."

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What they say about the consultations...

“I enjoyed my three months consultation period working with Clemence who was very attentive & always there to answer all my questions. What I found fascinating, is her way in explaining the science behind every healthy tip. This was very helpful to see the full picture and make my own healthy decisions. She didn't mandate any routine or a set of a diet to follow, she actually made me find my own healthy routine & diet that suited me. The amazing result was I lost 3 Kilos in 3 months without changing my exercise routine and I actually do eat more than before, however now with her help I am more aware of what my body needs and what, where & when I should eat.. Thank you so much Clem :).”

Yassmine, Hampton Wick.

"Visiting Clem was one of the best decisions I have made, both for myself and my family. She teaches you about making the right food choices in a friendly and completely non-judgemental way. Her suggestions are pragmatic and maintainable and her recipes are delicious. There’s even room for chocolate" Angela.

"Clémence is amazingly thorough in her assessment, she gives out perfectly tailored advice and she is so enthusiastic you actually come out of her sessions feeling really positive, rather than overwhelmed, by her recommendations. 

I really did feel in good hands with Clémence, knowing that she constantly keeps up with the ongoing nutritional research of which she has an in-depth knowledge. This enables her to back up every single piece of advice she gives out by solid evidence which she is more than happy to share.Celine, Kingston-upon-Thames.

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What they say about the cooking sessions...

“Thank you so much for a brilliant morning on Wednesday. It has given me confidence and reignited my adventurous spirit to try new things - especially with the children. I loved the variety of recipes, from the very simple to a little more in depth, and the top chef tips were enlightening, practical and fun. More please!”

Kate G., Kingston-upon-Thames.

“It's great when you know that the meal you prepare is balanced, nutritious and tastes amazing! Thanks Clem for this fantastic cooking session!”

Vicky T., Kew

“Thank you very much for a delightful cooking session this morning, It was lovely to be in a family home cooking such warming, comforting yet healthy food. Learning to chop properly for starters will be a real help and the knowledge about mixing pulse and grains was invaluable. Looking forward to booking my next session”

Kate S., East Sheen.

“Clem's nutritional knowledge is second-to-none and she imparts tips and tricks throughout the session, all whilst deftly handling a kitchen full of onlookers and four dishes at once. Great fun for anyone interested in expanding their culinary know-how.”

Kate P., Putney.