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Healthy Kickstart Programme 2019

I regularly run online programme to reset good eating habits. If you are interested, drop me a line at info@clemencecleavenutrition.com

Over 5 weeks, I will share realistic targets, evidence-based tips and simple recipes to improve your nutrition, mood and overall health for the new year.

 Monday 14th Jan to Friday 17th Feb


£40 for early bird (until 31/12/2018) - full price: £50 (from 1/1/2019)

To sign up, email me at info@clemencecleavenutrition.com

What it's about

Through small, achievable steps I will tweak your current habits and lead you to a healthier and sustainable regimen that works for you. 

Using science-based principles from mindful & intuitive eating, chrono-nutrition, gut health, sport nutrition and clinical nutrition, I will highlight which eating habits and food choices will be beneficial for your body, short and long term.

This is not a weight loss programme as it does not suggest any calorie restriction.

Which is not to say that you won’t lose any weight. But the focus will be more on 'what to eat to feel good' rather than on 'what not to eat'.

This is not a cleansing diet either. We are not "flushing toxins" or "rebooting the metabolism". It would be wonderful if such things existed but I'm afraid current research says that the only thing we can really do is to support our body and make its job easier by giving it the right nutrients at the right time. So we will do just that!

A lot will be common sense, but I will keep you focused, and I can guarantee that you will learn a few useful tricks and tips along the way.

Programme targets:
  • Eating more veg

  • Eating more fibre

  • Staying full for longer

  • Supporting your immune system

  • Feeling energised throughout the day

  • Feeding your gut microbiota

  • Supporting your physical activity

  • Looking after your heart, brain and mood

  • Locking in new habits

  • Developing intuitive eating

How it works


  • The programme is run through a private Facebook group page. Only people who’ve signed up will be able to access the content and support.

  • Before the beginning of every week (on the prior Friday), I will send you the priorities (3 to 5 points) of the coming week and 2-3 recipes for you to try out. 

  • Throughout the weeks, I will send you reminders and relevant information relating to the week’s priorities. 

  • You will be able to ask questions and share your experience if you wish on the Facebook page. I will moderate the conversations and will answer all your questions.

How to join in?





Do I need to use Facebook?

It will be a nicer experience for you as the Facebook page will be a one-stop place with all the communications and materials I will be sharing with everyone. But if you do not wish to use Facebook, it is not a problem. I will happily send you emails directly with all the content.


What do I commit to?

It is up to you! You can fully embrace the programme and put everything into practice. Or you can pick and choose what works for you. I will not request any reporting from you on your weight or food intake. But if you want to share your experience with me or with the group, you are more than welcome to. And any feedback on how I could improve the service will be very appreciated.


Can I go back to the Facebook page once the programme is finished?

Absolutely. At the end of the programme, the Facebook group will be archived. At that point no more content can be added but the resources will be still accessible to all members. Therefore, you will be able to go back all the content: overall plan and targets, recipes, videos, comments, etc.


Can I ask for tailored advice?

Certainly. I will answer all your questions on the Facebook page as long as I can do so without needing too much background information. In some situations – if you or I feel your request is too personal, complicated or requires a one-to-one chat – I suggest that we discuss it off-line, directly through email. And we can decide if this should be the purpose of a one-to-one consultation.