Cooking for Your Immune System

*** Currently scheduled sessions (click on the date to sign up): Thursday 15th November 2018  ***

Nutrition is not a magic bullet that will mean you never get sick. But more and more evidence show that it plays a significant part in the prevention of many types of cancers and other non-communicable diseases. And good nutrition can certainly support recovery.


During this session we will sort out the truth from the myths behind nutrition and wellness, looking at the scientifically-validated diet changes that lower our health risks. We will then cook a few recipes that will begin to strengthen your body straight away! 


Beetroot and yogurt dip

Mussels and Turmeric Broth

Smoked Mackerel and Sweet Potato Lentils salad

Vitamin C Boosted Citrus salad

Useful information


Session held in a family kitchen, in North Kingston

Group of 5 to 8 people

Session cost: £50 (incl. ingredients)

Duration: circa 2 hours and half, from 10:00am until 12:30pm, followed by a meal around the kitchen table if you fancy


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