Cooking for the Family - Part 1

*** Currently scheduled sessions (click on the date to sign up): Tuesday 27th February 2018 ***

Easy and simple dishes to feed the whole family, ensuring that everyone's nutritional needs are met in style.


We will cover recipes that can be prepared in advance to make our lives easier, as well as recipes that will enable you to broaden the diet of the fussier eaters in your life.

We will discuss texture and taste; how to introduce new food; and how to get children on board.


Variation of quiches

Courgettes soup

Mackerel paté

Boeuf Bourguignon (vegetarian option possible)

Chicken tagine

* subject to change depending on availability of ingredients and inspiration

Useful information


Session held in a family kitchen, in North Kingston

Group of 5 to 8 people

Session cost: £50 (incl. ingredients)

Duration: circa 2 hours and half, from 10:00am until 12:30pm, followed by a meal around the kitchen table if you fancy


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