Weight Management Programme

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I help people reframe their eating habits, lose weight and maintain their new weight, in a positive and empowering environment.

A commitment to long term health!


 Worth the weight is a group-based and evidence-led weight management programme combining nutrition and behavioural sciences to transform your eating habits, lose weight and equip you for the long haul.


The small group (max 10 online, 12 in person) makes a wonderful set up to share, learn and support each other, under the guidance of a nutrition & health behaviours expert.


It is an ambitious programme - no quick fix here because it takes time for new habits to get rooted.

But don't be put off by the length of it! You can start with the first phase and decide later whether you want to carry on further after session 12.

It is composed of 20 sessions, spread over 8 months, organised around 2 phases:

  • Phase 1 - THE ACTIVE PHASE - lasts 3 months during which we meet every week (12 sessions) and explore a wide range of tools to support weight loss and reframe our approach to food.

  • Phase 2 - THE CONSOLIDATION PHASE - focuses on consolidating the weight loss and gaining knowledge and confidence on how to maintain it long term (8 sessions spread over 5 months)

This can be a bit daunting but this what really makes the programme as it really equip you for the rest of your life. 

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The next group will start in 

October 2022

and will run online through Zoom. 

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What former participants said about this programme...

"I cannot rave enough about this programme. I learnt a great deal from this programme, particularly the tools to help with maintaining the weight loss. It was completely different from anything I have tried before because it explores our relationship with food and why we turn to it in challenging times. This is not a quick fix. It is a programme for life. I highly recommend it."

Sheila, January 2020


Pricing options

This programme is designed to deeply transform your eating habits as well as other lifestyle aspects such as your physical activity, management of emotions, etc. These things takes time.

For the full benefits, we recommend to commit for the full programme (option 1). But we recognise that time and financial situations might require a bit more flexibility (option 2).

Option 1

One single payment for full programme (20 sessions)

Cost £480
(Early-bird discount* £390)
Option 2

Start with Phase 1
(before committing to Phase 2)

Phase 1 - £330 or EB* £295 (12 sessions)
Phase 2 - £180 ( 8 sessions)
book early  and pay only
£390 full programme
 £295 for phase 1 only

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The full low-down on the ethos of this programme

No losing weight is not as simple as "eating less, moving more" as we keep being told in the media. If you are reading this, chances are you've tried before and it wasn't that straight forward. And if you have managed to lose weight in the past, it is likely that you have struggled to keep that weight off [1].

So here you are, feeling disheartened, watching your weight cycling. 

But this is not because you are lacking of willpower, motivation or focus. This is because your weight is driven by many factors, with complex biological and psychological mechanisms at play, all unique to you. So an off-the-self programme might help a bit, but it is unlikely to help you find your ideal weight for good. 

This programme takes you on a journey to explore a wide range of tools to manage your weight and helps you find out which ones are going to be effective for you, with the confidence that you are looking after both your physical and mental wellbeing. And and it takes the time needed to help you find out how to keep that weight over time.

Concretely what can you expect during the sessions 

During each session we will cover specific weight management strategies drawing from nutrition science, cognitive and behavioural approaches. For example:

  • food portions

  • chrono-nutrition

  • physiology of hunger

  • physical activity

  • managing hunger

  • keeping motivated

  • managing craving & emotional eating

  • how to change your behaviour towards food (e.g. managing hunger, dealing with relapse).


You will be given specific targets and support for diet, physical activity and behaviours, with a strong emphasis on weight maintenance strategies [2].The objective is to provide you with a complete toolbox to effectively lose weight and to maintain that loss, long term.

Is this programme right for YOU?

  • Is your weight preventing you living your life to the full?

  • Have you tried to do it on your own or with help but haven't managed to lose the weight sustainably?

  • Are you confused and tired by all the messages out there on "what you should cut out", "the magic bullet" ?

  • Would you welcome the regular support and understanding from a knowledgeable professional and the encouragement of peers, in a non-judgemental and friendly environment?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then Worth the weight could be the solution you've been waiting for.

Studies have shown that such a programme works particularly well for:

  • people who are highly sensitive to food cues (do you love your food? do you find difficult to resist that cookie when in front of you?) [3]

  • people prone to emotional eating (do you revert to food when stressed? bored? annoyed? happy?) [4]

What can you expect to achieve?

Everyone has different objectives and needs. We will tailor specific individual targets and reasonable goals for your weight loss. 

Realistically, you can expect:

  • to lose 5 to 15% of your initial weight at 4 to 6 months;

  • to have maintained you weight at the 8-month end-point

  • to develop a better relationship with food.


For example, if you weigh 80kg (12st 8lb), you could expect to lose between 4-12kg (9lb-2st).


 Maybe you are hoping to lose more weight and maybe you will be able to but it is important to start with realistic, manageable and sustainable goals that will support your overall health. The aim is for you to find the weight that enables you to live the life that you want without food dictating your life.

But what you can be sure about is you will have a completely different relationship to food. You will not fear it, you will not obsess about it. You will know what is holds and how it can work for you rather than against you. Truly, liberating - you will definitely feel like a weight is off your mind!

How does it work?

The programme is composed of 20 sessions of one hour each, spread over 8 months and split into 2 phases.

PHASE 1 - Active weight loss - weekly sessions (3 months - 12 sessions)

PHASE 2 - Weight consolidation - biweekly sessions to monthly sessions (8 sessions)

Each session builds on the previous ones so regular attendance is best

We start each session with a recap of the last session objectives and  discuss together how the last week has gone,, before learning one or two new skills and defining the targets and actions for the following week. You will be given information and work-sheets to complete for the following session.


  • We do not promote fad diets, nor sell any products during this programme

  • We abide the ethics and code of conduct of the Association for Nutrition


All data collected is GDPR compliant and will be used to provide measurement of key performance indicators, in full respect of your confidentiality. Click here for full data privacy and Terms of service.​​


Evidence-based ? What is that?

This programme is not guess-work! It is based on scientific research from the fields of psychology of eating, behavioural changes, nutrition and obesity sciences.

It is greatly inspired by the work of Evan M Forman, PhD, professor of psychology at Drexel University in Philadelphia, on "Acceptance-Based Behaviorial Approach" to weight loss.


[1] K. Hall & S. Kahan, (January 2018) - Maintenance of lost weight and long-term management of obesity, Med Clin North Am - link

[2] Forman et al. (September 2016)  - Acceptance‐based versus standard behavioral treatment for obesity: Results from the mind your health randomized controlled trial, Obesity - link

[3] Niemeier et al. (2012) - An acceptance-based behavioural intervention for weight loss: A pilot study, Behaviour Therapy - link

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